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image from New Weather Station // Ian Byers-Gamber

July 31 – August 15
CURRENT LA // Art Biennial

New Weather Station
Working with sound, site, and communities, Chris Kallmyer examines the complex history of weather modification in Southern California in terms of weather, water infrastructure, and the changing arid city. For CURRENT, the artist has created New Weather Station, a 20-foot open-air geodesic dome to host a series of concerts and events featuring LA-based artists, designers, historians, urbanists, chefs, and thinkers and explore the intersection of water and weather modification.

Rain Ragas // Sunday 7/31 at 7pm
In North India, music regularly ushers in the monsoon season. Come to the New Weather Station for a concert of traditional and experimental ragas on sitar and tabla. Sitar player Rajib Karmakar and tabla player Robin Sukhadia encourage precipitation with rain-inspiring ragas.

New Weather // Thursday 8/11 at 8pm
Chris Kallmyer presents a new short film, produced in collaboration with LA-based videographer and artist Ian Byers-Gamber, that explores the relationship between weather modification and water in LA, and features interviews with weather-modification experts and ambient documentation of clouds.

Fog Meditations // Saturday 8/13 at 7pm
Join a 45-minute group meditation and live concert of fog-inspired music by LA-based experimental vocalist and contemporary composer Odeya Nini and CURRENT artist Chris Kallmyer. Bring a blanket, but fog is provided.

American Rainmaker: Weather Opera // Sunday 8/14 at 7pm
Kallmyer examines the human dimension to weather modification through an experimental opera for chamber ensemble, weather reports, and autotuned renditions of Motown hits. Preceded and interrupted by the artist’s casual discussions on weather modification, the opera features performances by modern-music collective wild Up in collaboration with the Oracle of Water. Starting at 5:00 p.m., enjoy sun tea from Solarc Brewing and a weekly publication by LA-based artist Gray Wielebinski.

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