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Blog With Assemble

Machine Project is going to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis for the last two weeks in July. Please come out for electric melons, personalized music, sheep, pickles, cowboys and angels. Information can be found on the Machine Project site, or the Walker's site. I'll be doing three projects at the Walker! Music For Parking Garages July 21, 2011 // 3-8pm Los Angeles

Here is the video for FERMENT[cheese]. By Emily Lacy. Thanks again to Cowgirl Creamery, Machine Project, and the Berkeley Art Museum for all of their support on this project. If you'd like to see more information about FERMENT and my method for creating my current work, please check out this interview with Isaac Schankler on the Catalysis Projects Blog. I'll be

I'm speaking at the Theater Communications Group National Conference, this Thursday July 16 at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. I'll be talking about the Little William Theater, and what it was like to play music in a coatroom. The talk will also include my experiments with context, architecture, and ample photos of goats. Also, in important news: wild Up has

I'm working on a giant piece for 100+ minneapolis/st.paul musicians playing brass, percussion, woodwinds and tiny whistles. The site specific performance will take place on the Stone Arch Bridge, stretching across the Mississippi playing overlapping melodies derived from the route of the river. The piece follows the route of the river south past St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans and into

This next week and a half, I'm on tour to the Bay Area. From 4/29 to 5/6, I'll be participating in concerts, workshops, and cheese-tastings! The first is a music//cheese collaboration with Cowgirl Creamery co-founder, Sue Conley. FERMENT[cheese] is at the Berkeley Art Museum from 6-9pm on 4/29. I'm doing a 4 channel sound installation with field recordings from

photo credit: Debi Del Grande // LA Record The last two weeks have a been a glut of great music! -- In early March, I played with DeVotchKa at the Music Box to a sold out crowd. A huge thanks to Shawn King, their drummer and chief operator of the trumpet for inviting me along for such an incredible night. You