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Blog With Assemble

In late February, I published an article with New Music Box, a "web-based advocacy magazine and portal dedicated to the music of American composers and improvisers and their champions. . . sponsored by the American Music Center." The article is a thesis on how architecture and context help to define how music functions. Check out Place, Space, and Music:

The Walker Art Center Residency was a blast, installing a four channel sound piece in an igloo, serving tea to the people of Minneapolis, improvising to works by Sol LeWitt, and exploring the sonic architectures of the Walker. It was a very satisfying collaboration with Emily Lacy and Joshua Beckman who presented thoughtful work within my igloo-installation. I will have documentation

This week, I'll be presenting a sound installation in an igloo at the Walker Art Center. Machine Project is sending poet Joshua Beckman, singer Emily Lacy, and myself to perform in a 'Bigloo' created by Minneapolis-based artist, Sean Connaughty. My piece is a four channel installation utilizing teakettles as speakers. A fifth teakettle will be used to make tea

On Wednesday, Dec 1, I'll be documentation of the Fence for the Amargosa Desert on Alan Nakagawa's experimental music webcast: Ear Meal. You can tune in at 9pm PST and check out a small interview and video about the installation I created while living in Nevada this past June.

photo by Alex Stephens Just returned from an excellent week at MCA Denver as part of Art Meets Beast, a three day nose-to-tail bison roast. Documentation to come! - for now, rest easy knowing that I sound-designed a bison stampede that interrupted dinner, and knocked silverware off tables thanks to Colin Bricker and his 10,000 watt 5-channel PA system. Thank you,

I'm going to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver representing Machine Project. I've been collaborating with Sam Meister, and Mark Allen on creating a Bison Stampede (via quadraphonic sound and MAX/MSP) for the BEAST ROAST on Thursday, November 11. It will periodically interrupt the bison dinner. Additionally, I've been altering bison horns to create instruments for the dinner.