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Blog With Assemble

My new piece, winter strengthens the happiness of inhabiting // for jules loh will be performed by James Klopfleisch and Brendan Carn (contrabasses) on Sunday, October 24 at 5pm at the Wild Beast at CalArts. The performance is part of the Experimental Music Yearbook's annual journal. I will also be performing a new work by John Hastings during the

I'll be guest teaching at Pomona College this week in Mark Allen's Sound Art class working on basic piezo electronics. Later in the day, Mark and I will be interviewed about our 2010 work on experimental, ambulatory, and incidental music at the Hammer Museum. Listen in on KSPC, Pomona's college's radio station at 88.7 if you happen to be in

Saturday, September 25 from dusk til 3am The Glow Festival is an all night interactive art festival. I'm working with Machine Project to curate nine hours of music, poetry, and sound installations on the Santa Monica Pier's carousel, along with designing my own piece to be installed on saturday. Its going to be a lot of fun, so come on out,

Machine Project has received some good press from Art Review for our Museum Interventions at LACMA, Hammer, and the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum. You can find that article here. Also, the Hammer Museum has put up a video of our "experiments in incidental, dispersed, and ambulatory sound performances" that I have curated with Machine Project throughout 2010. Enjoy!---the

Colin Woodford and myself will be playing inside/around/on top of Josh Beckman's Sea Nymph, an installation at Machine Project. Our set will consist of both amplified trumpet and cymbal set spatially around the boat. Our duo explores the interior sounds and resonances of our instruments through improvisation, and the use of amplification. I hope you can come visit for