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Blog With Assemble

This last week, we kicked off the Little William Theater Festival of New Music at the Hammer Museum. I've been working on the project since January 2010, and its finally been realized with 97 composers, and over 350 new works in our tiny coatroom-theater. All works are under two minutes long, and have been composed in 2010 specifically for the

Machine Project did some incredible documentation of everyone in a place, my installation piece performed by patrons at the Hammer Museum. Thanks to Mark Allen, Allison Agsten, and Elizabeth Cline for their support and faith in this project. Included in the video are performances by Colin Woodford on amplified cymbal, Elisabeth McMullin's Bell Santa Gamelan, and Jake Smith, Tina Raymond,

My piece, everyone in a place will be presented as a day-long installation at the Hammer Museum on Saturday, July 17 from 11am to 6pm. Admission to the museum will be free to all participants! During the day Beth McMullin, Colin Woodford, and an African Bell Quartet will be presenting bell-related pieces within the installation. I hope you all

Matt Sargent and I are returning from the desert with manmade mountains and underground rivers, a forty-minute piece for trumpet, guitar, and electronics/field recordings, which was created during our experiences living and working as artists-in-residence at the remote Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite, NV in June 2010. Our work at Goldwell is based entirely on materials gathered from Rhyolite and the Amargosa

FERMENT is sold out following a very nice piece in the LA Times found here! For all of you who would still like to hear/see/taste the project, Sue Conley and I have plans to perform the piece again in the fall.  Look out for following projects on fermentation in beer and bread in the coming year. A small note of thanks to Mark