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Blog With Assemble

Tonight I'm wearing myself out at the Asto Museum performing solo trumpet music by Bob Allaire see information here.  I hope to be completely drained in preparation for a nap the next day. Come take a nap with us at the Hammer Museum this Sunday, May 2nd from noon to five. I've curated some music to nap by featuring: Jaeger Smith playing tampura

April 29, 2010 6-9pm [thursday] Hammer Museum // Permanent Collection "Can you rip some sweet licks on that VanGogh please." Come check out another Live Museum Soundtrack at the Hammer Museum from our resident guitarists, Eric Klerks and Dylan McKenzie. Eric and Dylan walk visitors through their time in the collection improvising music to the art they view

I'm off to San Francisco for a few days!!  I'll be up there working and playing in all of the food/art related riches of the Bay Area.  Amongst the things I plan on doing: -working on an upcoming project with cheese maker, Sue Conley. -beginning work on a 2011 installation/piece for the UC Berkeley Art Museum (w/ Machine Project) -visiting new friends at the Exploratorium -eating

April 8, 2010 7-9pm [thursday] Hammer Museum // Permanent Collection I’ve been curating a project in which museum patrons receive a Live Museum Soundtrack from our resident guitarist, Eric Klerks.  Eric walks visitors through their time in the collection improvising music to the art they view through a set of headphones.  Soundtracks are live, improvised, and completely personal.

April 3, 2010 // 1-4pm [saturday] two-minute concerts in Little William Theater // Hammer Museum Chris presents his project FERMENT; a precursor to his collaboration with cheese-maker, Sue Conley of the Cowgirl Creamery.  Incorporating field recordings of John Taverna's Dairy and the Cowgirl's facilities, Chris examines the process of cheese-making from agriculture to affinage.  Spatialized sound in the Little William Theater with samples of artisanal

I will be a gust artist/lecturer at Pomona College, Thursday March 25. I'm very happy that Mark Allen invited me to come visit his Sound Art class and teach about graphic notation. He is a real swell guy, and bakes a mean ham. While I'm at Pomona, I'll be making an appearance on KSPC radio to talk with Rachel D