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A Nation of Joiners, Weather Modification and YOU! The Los Angeles Department of Weather Modification, Northern Bureau at Southern Exposure in San Francisco January 29 – February 14, 2015 Sound artist Chris Kallmyer and the Los Angeles Department of Weather Modification establish an office space and Northern Bureau headquarters at Southern Exposure. With five live programs and a gallery installation, the LADWM continue their

In western Ireland, where my family is originally from, oysters are a treat in the winter season. When poor dairy farmers had little money they could still cook a Christmas dinner of Ling (a dried fish) or oysters, which could be gathered from the shoreline. Aside from affordable seafood, they also had plenty of milk from their cows fed on their fields

This piece was performed at Walker Art Center’s Open Field on July 17, 2014 by Chris Kallmyer, Sue Nelson, and the public. Participants were invited to oil their gloves, do some light stretching, and throw around a lemon as warm-up as an homage to Fluxus artist Ken Friedman. This score was performed, featuring the sound of catch and longtime Twins organist Sue

Baseball Day to Day Walker Art Center // July 10 - 17 I've always loved baseball. And I've always loved experimental music. So, now they are together during my residency at the Walker. Other musicians have loved baseball before - like Charles Ives, Milton Babbitt, and John Luther Adams - but only I have the profound lack of foresight to slam the two together