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Blog With Assemble

1. I'm in Chicago this week, a visiting artist hosted by Columbia College's Media Arts Dept. I'm very excited to give a workshop, a lecture, and visit with students one on one. I'm also excited to visit Intelligentsia and eat a hot dog. Below are some descriptions of what I'll be up to. 2. Did I mention that I have a

I'm in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts this month, reading books, walking, and making works using materials found on the land. Here is a video of rocks I collected, teetering on top of speaker elements. More information about the residency can be found here. I'm very grateful for the support from Headlands and the surrounding community

Just served a big glass of milk to a group from MCA Denver. The milk, made by Straus Family Dairy was accompanied by recordings of Vivien Straus' remembrances of her childhood, then piped through a guitar. Machine Project hosted the group this morning, it was Excellent Fun. In upcoming news, I'll be putting on two exciting concerts on October 13:

I'm heading to Houston this weekend with Machine Project for BBQ, Rothko Chapel, and a series of events at a conference. On saturday 9/15 I'm performing FERMENT[cheese] for a group of conference goers: giving a cheese tasting with musical accompaniment with Mt. Tam from the Cowgirl Creamery. Then on sunday at 3pm, I'm collaborating with Casey Anderson on a project (below)