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Blog With Assemble

Land + Houses, my site-specific band recently created a series of works for the fountain outside the Pacific Design Center. Usually a loud omnipresent white noise, we arrived this fateful day to find that the fountain straight broke. We repurposed our works for this triangularly shaped, asphalt pad outside the PDC and played reassuring music to the broken fountain inspired

Photo Credit: David Lancaster The ARID Journal of Desert Art, Design and Ecology has accepted my work into their first issue. I'm very excited to be included in this publication - and hope to have the opportunity to meet other desert artists, writers, and thinkers over the next few years. After the installation was completed in June of 2010, I returned to

Friday, July 6 // 8-10pm at Machine Project In overlapping performances, Colin Dickey, Nicole Antebi and Chris Kallmyer will explore the difference between two rival pitches, 440 Hz and 432 Hz: Colin Dickey will trace the history of the war for correct musical tuning, a debate that’s raged for two centuries and has involved the Nazis, French government, BBC, Lydon Larouche, and new age

Machine Project in San Francisco! Machine Project in San Francisco! FRREALZ! I'm heading up to San Francisco for house concerts on June 15 and June 18, partnering with BayArea artists for each event. I'm psyched to be working with our friends at SOEX again -- more information as it comes about how to participate in each event. On the 15th,

I have new piece being performed in Brooklyn by John Hastings this next week. The performance will be at Vaudeville Park on April 24 at 8pm, with a pre-show performance by Nat Evans, the proudly occidental seattle-based composer. Come check it out! Additionally, I've started a group called Land + Houses. We have our first show at the Getty Villa,

I've just published my second article with New Music Box, the NYC based contemporary music journal. The article synthesizes my recent research into Human Geography and its applications to performance, installation, and sound-based projects! The article can be found here: Sonic Cartography and the Perspective of Place. I'm speaking at the College Art Association Conference this week at the LA Center