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Blog With Assemble

I started working with Chad Clark from Beauty Pill back in 2008 when we were both having some pretty serious health problems - these discussions and late-night meetings fruited into brass tracks for BP's upcoming release - the first since 2004. Being 2012, a band like Beauty Pill (and a thoughtful guy like Chad) can't simply release a record. Instead the

with andrew tholl at beyond baroque Great news all around this winter season. I've been working with a local modern music collective here in LA called wild Up as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and member of the creative team (helping to drive the group with programming, and concept with a sound art perspective on things). We recently got a review in the

Wow, what a great fall! Performing with wild Up, writing another article for New Music Box, and I've decided to finally get a dog. Things are awesome here in Los Angeles. Above is a video that Machine Project put together about our residency at the Walker Art Center this summer. It includes some performing in the Walker's beautiful building, their

I'm in Denver this week working with MCA Denver to create music to accompany their remarkable exhibit on Fred Sandback. The space is stunning. I'm having a great time developing these three projects with the MCA. My time has been spent making field recordings, drinking beer, trading ideas with the extraordinary staff at the MCA, and coming to

photo credit: Katie Bergin - CARS I'll be at the Getty Center with Machine Project on October 22 to perform a spatialized piece for two alphorns. A dream come true. Here is a photo of our sound check at the Getty. I'm performing on a buchel, a midland cousin to the alphorn. Terrain Music: for two alphorns with Loren Marsteller The Getty Center is