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Sound artist Chris Kallmyer is inspired by the rhythm of baseball, the mindful practice of playing catch, and the sounds of field maintenance. For his 2014 Open Field residency, Baseball Day to Day, he explored baseball, its unchanging presence in the American household, and the way the game invites play on a warm summer night. Over a period of two weeks, Kallmyer created a series of baseball-inspired scores that included mobile organ performances, meditative daily groundskeeping of a baseline, and playing catch as a musical and pursuit.

Play Catch, All Together*
July 17, 7 pm
Grab your glove and join artist Chris Kallmyer and Twins organist Sue Nelson for a work focused on the sound of people playing catch alongside a baseball stadium organ. Participants are invited to oil their gloves, do some light stretching, and throw around a lemon as warm-up—an homage to Fluxus artist Ken Friedman. Afterwards, have freshly-squeezed lemonade, meet Sue, and take home a well-oiled glove and a copy of Chris’ score for Play Catch, All Together.
*BYO Glove, Balls Provided

Incidental Organ Performances
July 10–17, open duration and location
A series of site-specific works for organ and trumpet will occur in and around the Walker’s campus.

Live Action Grounds Keeping
July 8, 9 am–3 pm: creating the line
July 9–17: daily maintenance + play

Kallmyer and a team of assembled artists and baseball enthusiasts will mindfully create and maintain a 40-foot baseline on Open Field. The line will be cared for during the duration of the residency, mowed and chalked daily. The space will serve as a score, accompanied by a pair of gloves and a ball to be used anytime by the public.