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Biennial of the Americas
Denver, Colorado

July 19, 2013
7:00 – 11:00 pm
Civic Center Park
Free to the Public

Denver Night, A Concert with Music and Animals is a unique evening of music and art in Denver’s Civic Center Park, including eclectic concert of folk, classical, jazz, rock and avant-garde music in additional video art, sculpture, and dance. The live program kicks off with artist Nick Cave’s dance spectacle performed in horse costumes and includes an all-dog opera accompanied by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The event begins at 7pm with the opening of an interactive art by Colorado artists.

Denver Night: A Concert with Music and Animals was created by Adam Lerner and Chris Kallmyer. A special thank you to the Biennial of the Americas for hosting such an event.

Nick Cave, Heard – DAM
Colorful Life-sized Horses set to movement by Nick Cave
Music by Roger Green and Shawn King

On the evening of July 19 2013 in Civic Center Park (8:00pm) there will be a performance of Nick Cave’s HEARD-DAM scored and accompanied by Denver musicians. Cave’s work involves sixty dancers costumed as thirty horses that parade, graze, and evolve over the course of the piece.  Roger Green and Shawn King have collaborated on the musical accompaniment for Cave and gathered an eclectic group of Denver musicians to help including Janet Feder, Stephen Brackett (Flobots), and Glenn Taylor.  The music aims to deterritorialize and reorient the western landscape according to broader notions of world citizenship.

You Are My Sunshine – A Reclamation
A five part reclamation of the classic American song.
Video Art of Finches by David Zimmer
Conceived by Scott Kinnamon

Performances by. . . .
Barbershop Quartet
Tom Chester Murray- Electric Guitar
Janet Feder
Dave Willey and Farrell Lowe
DJ Cavem

Liliana Porter, Fox in the Mirror / El Zorro en el Espejo
A video work by noted visual artist Liliana Porter (NewYork/Argentina) with live musical accompaniment by Soprano Sydney Fisher and the Colorado Symphony. This will be the first live performance with Liliana Porter’s video work. 

Realized and Directed by Liliana Porter
Co-Director: Ana Tiscornia
Music by Sylvia Meyer
Soprano, Sydney Fisher
Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Christopher Rountree

Tragedy on the Sea Nymph
Tragedy on The Sea Nymph is a 10 minute silent film starring dogs who perform the romance and tragedy of clandestine lovers shipwrecked at sea. The film will be accompanied by five opera singers and the Colorado Symphony lead by conductor Christopher Rountree. The Tragedy on the Sea Nymph was created by Elizabeth Cline and Lewis Pesacov, produced by Machine Project in Los Angeles.  

Director:  Elizabeth Cline
Composer: Lewis Pesacov
Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Christopher Rountree
Produced by Machine Project, Los Angeles CA

Members of The Fray
A Special Acoustic Performance

Jen Lewin, Arc Lamps, 2013
The stage at Denver Night has been adorned with a cluster of giant glass LED sculptures created from re-used Metal Halide Glass and hand embedded LED lights.

Installation Projects

Barns, 2013
Indie Architecture and Paul Preissner Architects
At its most bucolic, the traditional barn is a single volume, milk paint red, sunlit, and surrounded by green crops. For this nighttime event, the barn is made of two volumes with brightly lit red interiors. Crops line tables that connect the two barns — edible plants presented by artist Viviane LeCourtois.

Grazing, 2013
Viviane LeCourtois
A social experience of fresh greens for human grazing. Like cows gather around food, graze or pick the nicest grasses, you are welcome sit on a handmade rug, socialize and munch on live greens emerging from wooden tables.

The Pool, 2012
Jen Lewin
The Pool is composed of 106 interactive circular pads, which communicate wirelessly in an organic network, adding and subtracting light as people interact with them.

Code Name: PRONGHORN, 2013
Kim Shively & Chris Bagley
The pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) is native to the western United States. Though not an antelope, it is often mistaken as one. Kim Shivley and Chris Bagley has acquired a taxadermied pronghorn dressed as a security guard that they have trained to watch a bank of televisions monitoring documentation of the changing west. The pronghorn is is the only surviving member of its taxonomic family; about five sister species existed when humans entered North America and all but the A. americana are now extinct.